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Articolo Convegno, 2002

F. Martinelli
About compositional analysis of pi-calculus processes
2002, 2a IFIP World Conference on Theoretical Computer Science (TCS02)
G. Resta, P. Santi
An Analysis of the Node Spatial Distribution of the Random Waypoint Model for Ad Hoc Networks
2002, ACM Workshop on Principles of Mobile Computing (POMC) 2002
P. Santi, D. M. Blough
An Evaluation of Connectivity in Mobile Wireless Ad Hoc Networks
2002, IEEE Confernce on Dependable Systems and Networks (DNS) 2002
D. M. Blough, G. Resta, P. Santi
A Statistical Analysis of the Long-Run Node Spatial Distribution in Mobile Ad
2002, ACM Workshop on Modeling Analysis and Simulation of Wireless and Mobile Systems
Martinelli F., Petrocchi M, Vaccarelli A.
Automated analysis of some security mechanisms of SCEP
2002, 5a Information Security Conference (ISC02)
Gennai F., Buzzi M., Abba L.,
Can we protect ourselves from the virus plague?
2002, Convegno Annuale CMG Italia
F. Denoth
Considerazioni sulla Registration Authority Italiana
2002, Riunione annuale Provider/Maintainer
Bruno, R., Conti, M., Gregori, E.
IEEE 802.11 optimal performances: RTS/CTS mechanism vs. basic access
2002, The 13th IEEE International Symposium on Personal, Indoor and Mobile Radio Communications
F.Gennai, M.Buzzi
Integrating digital signature with message handling
2002, Convegno Annuale CMG Italia
A. Bonaccorsi, M.Martinelli, C.Rossi, I. Serrecchia, D. Vannozzi
Internet diffusion & Internet domains: looking for a new metric. The case of registrations by italian individuals
2002, IADIS International Conference WWW/Internet 2002