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The Future of Global Internet governance

CNR was involved in the Global Internet governance matters at international level since the ARPAnet times. Now, the IIT institute is the promoter, within CNR, of a new multi-disciplinary research project on Internet governance to study questions that are coming from the evolving needs of the global Internet and are connected to technical standardization, to resource allocation and assignment, to legal and regulatory matters, to public policy and societal issues, to technologies, practices and to the evolving needs of the global Internet. While we are coming from a technological background, we recognize that it is important to work with all stakeholders from all sectors to achieve the fullest benefits of the Internet for all participants in the global network.

«The Internet of the future will be shaped by the tectonic forces of regulation, commercialization, technological change, and a wide range of policy concerns expressed at local, national, regional and international levels. [...] Internet Governance is a slippery term that does not have a simple definition. It often means different things to different people and leads to heated debates as a consequence.. [...] Internet Governance should not be defined to be constrained by the narrow limits of ICANN’s mandate. [...] Internet governance is a very broad topic and includes issues such as fraud, libel, slander, misrepresentation, taxation policy, intellectual property protection including trademark and copyright, consumer protection, operational policies associated with the stability and integrity of the domain name system, privacy protection for personal information collected by domain name registrars and registries, and policies for the interception of email, voice over IP communication, instant messaging and other communication modalities.» [Vinton G. Cerf: "On the Evolution of Internet Technologies", Proceedings of the IEEE, Volume 92, Issue 9, 2004]

Our principal objectives at national level are: (1) to promote the Global Internet Governance as an interdisciplinary research field; (2) to favour the establishment of a scholarship program on Global Internet Governance; (3) to facilitate dialogue on Internet governance issues and related matters between the italian government,  organizations, private sector, civil society including academia and research community; (4) to collect and disseminate information related to the Internet governance, including foreign research projects and activities.

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