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Consolidation and strengthening of technical and scientific activities in the field of Internet Governance


Secretariat of technical and scientific support to IIT Directorate.

The Institute of Informatics and Telematics, which is engaged in the research line on the Internet Governance has created a Secretariat of technical and scientific support to the Directorate for monitoring and coordinating the activities listed below:

• to strengthen relationships with government bodies and other institutions, inside and outside CNR, in order to implement new multidisciplinary technical and scientific cooperation in the field of Internet Governance, with the objective of ensuring the consolidation and of strengthening this line of research that combines science and the information and communication technologies with juridical and socio-economic sciences;
• to start and propose scientific initiatives (eg. Seminars, talks at conferences, publications, correlations for thesis dissertations etc.) for the promotion of research topics in the field of Internet Governance;
• ensuring the participation of CNR in the process of the Internet Governance Forum (IGF) both nationally and globally;
• to participate to the main key organizations which deal with Internet Governance: IGF-UN, ICANN, ISOC, W3C, ITU and others.


Research theme: The Future of Global Internet governance

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